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Welcome to Asteroid Calendar

COMING IN 2019 ! Asteroid Calendar© 1.0

This is a first version release of ©Asteroid Calendar 1.0. We are very excited about this release. It is not perfected and of course this is just the beginning of a new wonderful journey in Asteroid Tracking and Alerting. Do not forget to sign up for Asteroid Email alerts on our Alerting System website Fly By Asteroids 

After starting the Asteroid Calendar App your are presented with the current month. All days that have asteroids will be highlighted in red with the asteroid county for that day. All other are blank but will have trivia answers in the future.

After selecting a specific date that contains 1 or more asteroids, you will be shown the current days asteroids and their attributes. If there is more then 1 asteroids you will be shown an accordion style menu. Each asteroid contains a link to NASA JPL Object Browser Database for closer inspections.

This is the link to NASA JPL Small Object Database Browser. HEre you can further inspect the selected asteroid for its orbits.